Control and Power Reeling Cable

It is suitable for installation under free continuous reciprocating motion without strong stress release or forced guidance, frequent bending in industrial environment, and various electrical installation in dry or humid indoor or outdoor
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Structure Describtion

Cable Structure 
Part 3*185 2*50/2 12*1.5
Conductor Material Annealed copper wires             Annealed copper wires             Annealed copper wires           
Structure  1472/0.4±0.004 509/0.25±0.004 97/0.14±0.004
Strand OD.  19.8 7.2 1.6
Shield / / /
  Thickness (mm) 2 1.2  0.55 
Min. thickness 1.6 0.98 0.45
OD. (mm) 23.8±0.8 9.6±0.5 2.7±0.1
Colour Black 13 Yellow/Green1-2 Yellow 112
Shield  tinned copper braid / /
cabling Fliier PP Rope
Type of shielding(wrapping) 12*1.5 tinned copper braid shield
Inner Jacket Material  Rubber compound based on NBR
Colour Yellow
Overall diameter 57.7±1.5
Total Shield Shield /
Outer Jacket Material PUR
Colour Yellow
Thickness (mm) 3.4 
Min. thickness 2.79
Overall diameter  64.5±1.5
Brand Introduction:

Shanghai NICE Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and sales of port machine and electric cable ,such as grab, spreader, crane, hopper and other port machinery and electrical equipment. The company has a variety of large and medium-sized machinery processing equipment and reliable production technology, with a number of professional enterprise management and technical elites. The company adopts advanced industry technology and management mode, has accumulated rich production experience and formed a complete management mechanism. The products have won the unanimous praise of the industry with reliable quality and good social reputation.