The hoppers made by our company are suitable to load and unload the coal cinder, the cement powder and the iron powder and so on. It can be designed in nonstandard according to the user. It can be installed on dust catcher, electric hydraulic door, vibran
  Truck loading Port Mobile Hopper used for discharging dry bulk cargoes. It's safe, reliable, low cost and easy maintenance.
Main Technical Features:
a. Small space occupation in the dock and easy to operate;
b. PLC control in the operation room, malfunctions can be monitored and alarmed ;
c. Integral-protective electric cabinet is with IP65 protection;
d. Low energy consumption and high discharging efficiency;
e. Wall vibrators and polymer material wear layers can be choice by the customer;
f. Platform and walkways with wide operation space are convenient for carrying tools and overhauling.
g. Windproof steel cables can secure the hopper and prevent typhoon effectively.
Loading Way: truck loading and conveyor belt loading
Moving Type: rubber wheel type and rail type