Electric Hydraulic Orange peel grab

The electrohydraulic grab is a hydraulic system with a motor,hydraulic pump etc,and is opened and closed by an external power supply. The grab controls the opening and closing of the grab by means of a positive reversal of the motor or a hydraulic reversi
Electric Hydraulic Orange Peel grab
It is mainly designed for handling bulk materials in blocks, particles and irregular shapes, such as coke, pig iron, steel scrap, slag, garbage and rock etc.    
It is widely used on ports, steel plants and garbage treatment plants, with tower cranes, ship unloaders, traveling cranes and other type of cranes.
The grab has its own hydraulic system, all key elements are imported well-known brands to ensure high performance of grab. It is simple in structure, easy operation.

Material Density:0.2t/m3-7.0t/m3

Volume: 3cbm to 50cbm

Ship Type: 38,000 to 42,000 dwt, 50,000 to 54,000 dwt

Loading Material: carry coal, sand, grain, or iron ore cargoes,

Application: deck operations, shipboard, offshore, platforms

Electric Hydraulic Clamshell Grab is an efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer. The grab has hydraulic system itself, and the hydraulic system is imported from Germany, so it has high performance. It can work under any circumstances in order.

You can send us your requirement, we will design the right type grab for you.



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