Mechanical Orange peel Grab

Operation with crane, the connection type can be divided as four ropes, two ropes and single rope according to crane, it has many types, which can be designed as orange peel for stone, steel scrap , rubbish and other irregular materials, which also can be
Mechanical  Orange peel grab
It is generally designed for handling of bulk materials in blocks or irregular shapes. The shells are strong and durable and with high cutting effect when digging into the materials. It has a wide range of application and suitable to work with tower cranes, deck cranes, gantry cranes, and other types of cranes for handling of garbage, rock, steel scrap and block materials etc. 
Rope grab  is an efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, material power and bulk chemical fertilizer. The mechanical structure for opening & closing is simple and original. It is easy to use and especially works for the crane which has one hoisting drum. The lifting capacity of crane is normally 10t~25t.
1. Simple mechanical structure 
2. Works for the crane with one hoisting drum 
3. Easy operation


Jan 08, 2023
Dear Sir/Madam looking for a 6~8 tons Orange Peel Grable for scrap [ 2 ROPE ] Kind regards SALAH GABRIEL