Reeling cable

This kind of flexible special reeling cable is a robust, all-weather cable, mainly used in outdoor and offshore environments. This kind of cable itself always faces highly bending, tearing, highly frequency continuous winding back and forth, abrasion and
Reeling Cable
Special cable crane product use PUR outer sheath, products more wear-resisting, running winding using uv (resistance to cracking), tensile, prevent aging, flexible bending resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, solves the common winding cable cracking wear-resisting use environment, brittle, aging, and a series of performance problems, service life is generally 3-6 times of cable reel, got good feedback.
Product Description
Conductor bare copper, extra fine wire
Insulation Special PVC/TPE/rubber optional)
Reinforce galvanized steel rope(optional)
Reinforce Kevlar braid(optional)
Inner Sheath Speical PVC/TPU/rubber (optional)
Outer Sheath Rubber/PUR (optional)
Core Identification Core: Different Color with Green/yellow core
Sheath Color As request
Technical Data Properties
Min. bend radius 8 x Diameter Flexible Yes
Max travel speed 3m/s Flame retardant Yes(optional)
Nominal Voltage 450/750V UV Resistance Yes
Test Voltage 3000V Oil resistance Yes
Temperature range -40℃-90℃ Abrasion resistance Yes
    Tension resistance Yes


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