Weighing and bagging machine in mobile container

This machine is composed of loading machine, container, gravity hopper, automatic weighing control system, distribution box, conveyor, every charter, pneumatic system, dust collector, air compressor and so on. All integrated in two containers. The tugboat
Weighing and bagging machine in mobile container

bagging machine is for discharging bulk cargo on the port

it is suitable for weighing & bagging materials automatically such as salt ,sugar,candy,spices,fancy food,rice,wheat,barley,rice corn,etc. in the industries of food,chemical,salt,sugar,grain,seeds,milk powder,feed and washing powder,and can be composed a semi-automatic or full-automatic packaging production line with the the conveyor ,sealing(sewing) machine ,hoister and other packaging equipments. 


With container structure, all devices are integrated in two containers

Intelligent meter control guarantees convenient operation, use and maintenance as well as low failure rate.

Closed operation of devices can greatly reduce injury and pollution from material dusts to human beings and the environment

Packaging materials : various fertilizers, aluminum oxide, sulphur, feedstuff , sugar, food ( such as tapioca ships ,soybean, wheat ) and etc.

Main Structure:

1. Automatic filling bagging system           
2.Automatic weighing balance

3. Automatic belt conveyor
4.Automatic sewing / sealing machine   

5. Electric control cabinet 



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