Four rope orange peel mechanical grab

It is generally designed for handling of powder and fine bulk materials. The grab overall structure is light and durable, offering high grabbing ratio, strong closing force and high material filling rate. It is normally attached to port cranes, deck crane
Four Rope Orange Peel Mechanical Grab
Four rope orange peel mechanical grab  is an efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, material power and bulk chemical fertilizer. The mechanical structure for opening & closing is simple and original. It is easy to use and especially works for the crane which has one hoisting drum. The lifting capacity of crane is normally 10t~25t.

The fields of application for orange peel grabs are: ports, steel works, scrap yards, waste recycling

and incineration plants, landfill sites and storage reservoirs. They are best suited for material such as scrap, refuse, biomass(wood chips, pellets etc.).Tailored to specific needs, individual shell designs and numbers provide for fast and efficient work.

These grabs are robust and powerful, very low-maintenance and extremely durable.

1. Simple mechanical structure 
2. Works for the crane with one hoisting drum 
3. Easy operation


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